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Sales people and marketers are the ugly ducklings of the creative industries. We're hired and then have to get by on raw talent and luck.

Commercial Futures delivers a different approach to the traditional corporate, crappy training and consulting.

What people say behind our backs

"They have an fantastic ability to diagnose exactly what will really make a difference and help us figure out how to move forward”

Scott Doran,
SVP Global Creative Licensing,
BMG Music



Commercial Futures is led by Nick Bennett, a management consultant and facilitator. He works with c-suite, sales and marketing teams on a range of challenges; from new commercial opportunities, sales processes' and business models to setting the culture and ways of working for their organisation.

Previously he led the consultancy arm of renowned business school Hyper Island, who are commonly referred to as the ‘digital Harvard', working at the intersection of management consulting and learning design to help organisations transform.

In addition to this he was also Commercial Director at creative business Audio Network, helping them scale up from £5 to £32 million revenue.


The environment you create for your people is the most important factor in
driving growth.

We analyse every part of your commercial operations and find for the right levers for increased revenue and personal growth. We evaluate culture, processes, talent, leadership to identify the areas for optimisation.

10 person L&D Consultancy
20% Net New Revenue &
30% Existing Account Growth

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Buying behaviour is changing and your approach needs to as well.

We create lab environments that deliver immediate revenue and become your future playbook. Leveraging a range of channels and tactics that significantly shorten your sales cycle, we work with you to find your buyer where they gather inspiration and coach your team to close the opportunities that are identified.

40 person global music company
20% overall revenue growth

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Technology is driving bad sales and marketing behaviour.

Most sales and marketing communication is lacking insights and any value for your potential clients. We develop bespoke sales and marketing training that develops commercial capabilities for your whole organisation centred around the expertise your people and your organisation can bring to every client interaction.

5 person consultancy
10% overall revenue growth

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